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We are a non-profit movement working to reduce sepsis cases
by 20% until 2020.
Sepsis: Prevent it. Spot it. Treat it - beat it.
Sepsis is a major cause of death worldwide, but thousands of lives can be saved by increasing the awareness of healthcare authorities and the general public on the need for basic avoidance measures and fast life-saving recognition of symptoms.

Your donations are crucial in helping us spread the word.

World Sepsis Day, an initiative of the Global Sepsis Alliance (GSA), was founded by a caring group of non-profit organisations, and is a registered charity (no.1142803 / UK) seeking to reduce the incidence of sepsis by increasing public and professional awareness.

Give us your support by making a one-time donation.Your unearmarked contribution allows us the flexibility to allocate funds toward communicating sepsis recognition, mobilising an international network of supporters, and lobbying policymakers on sepsis issues.

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If you have a question or specific concern, please contact us!
... office@world-sepsis-day.org

Over the past year we've been collecting the questions we receive most frequently about sepsis. Please share this information with your friends and family. Don’t see your question on the list? Get in touch with us, and we’ll do our best to help.
Sepsis is an emergency – act fast
If you suspect sepsis, it is an emergency, like a heart attack, stroke, or multiple trauma. The patient requires immediate medical attention in a hospital with an intensive care unit.