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world wide sepsis webinar
September 2015
More than 20 sepsis experts from all over the world presented online-talks about specific sepsis topics. Hundreds of viewers joined the webinar and took the chance to learn from leading experts.
In case you missed this outstanding opportunity,
you can access the recordings of the webinars here:
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... Topics
Prof. Konrad Reinhart
Prof. Simon Finfer
Prof. Satoshi Nakagawa
Prof. Bin Du
Prof. Younsuck Koh
South Korea
Dr. Madiha Hashmi
Prof. Pravin Amin
Prof. Necmettin Ünal
Dr. Majid Mokhtari
Prof. Andrew Argent
South Africa
Prof. Didier Payen
Prof. Didier Pittet
Prof. Jim O'Brien
United States of America
Prof. Imrana Malik
United States of America
Prof. Flávia R. Machado
Lisa Brandt
Ray Schachter
Dr. David Sweet
Prof. Tex Kissoon
Prof. Tom van der Poll
The Netherlands
Prof. Antonio Artigas
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The webinars described the global health challenge and shared with the audience what attendees can do to help in the efforts to reduce the incidence and impact of sepsis. 

... Prof. Konrad Reinhart: Global impact of sepsis

... Prof. Simon Finfer: Sepsis epidemiology, a patient story

... Prof. Pravin Amin: Tropical illness and sepsis

... Prof. Bin Du: Surviving sepsis guidelines — revisited in China

...Prof. Younsuck Koh: Fundamentals of daily care to enhance severe sepsis outcome

... Dr. Madiha Hashmi: The recently published Sepsis Guidelines for Pakistan

... Prof. Satoshi Nakagawa: Sepsis in children

... Dr. Majid Mokhtari: Seconds matter, don’t pause ... too late, too soon.
Sepsis infrastructural cracks

... Prof. Necmettin Ünal: Early diagnosis and accurate registry on a national level

... Prof. James O'Brien: The need for public partnership to improve sepsis outcomes

... Prof. Didier Payen: Post sepsis immunodepression and potential incidence of cancer

... Prof. Tom van der Poll: Why infections can go bad and cause sepsis

... Prof. Antonio Artigas: QI and the need of increased awareness for sepsis

... Prof. Konrad Reinhart: Sepsis - What we have achieved and what remains to be done?

... Prof. Didier Pittet: Clean hands save lives

... Prof. Andrew Argent: Recognition and management of severe sepsis in children

... Prof. Imrana Malik: Sepsis in cancer patients

... Prof. Flavia Machado: How can we reduce the Brazilian sepsis mortality?

... Lisa Brandt / Ray Schachter: The perspective of a sepsis victim and relatives
Interviewer: Beverley Kort

... Dr. David Sweet: 150 Lives – Gamification and Sepsis Care

... Prof. Tex Kissoon: Pediatric sepsis and experience with guideline implementation

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